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Scott Mednick, Producer

Scott has been a key part of the producing and finance teams for motion pictures that have grossed over $3 Billion at the box office. A co-founder of Legendary Pictures, his credits include the powerful sports drama We are Marshall as well as 300, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 10,000 BC, and Superman Returns. He has worked on the production and marketing of over 150 features, including: Batman Begins, A Few Good Men, Coal Miner¹s Daughter, Dirty Dancing, This is Spinal Tap, Groundhog Day, X-Men and The Matrix.


Michael Dubrow, Producer

Michael is the founder of large and enduring businesses in the institutional investment, direct response marketing and e-commerce industries. He is a principal of Estalea, Inc., a private equity firm that created successful technology companies such as, Impact Radius, LeadPoint and Prior to Estalea, Michael co-founded Internet startups and He was also a founding partner of Vision Capital, a unit of the Sloan Financial Group — the world’s first billion dollar, African-American owned investment management firm.

Warren Fergus, Executive Producer

Since 1995, Warren helped structure over $1 billion dollars in small-to-large budget studio and independent film and television projects. Debt financings include Borat and Night at the Museum. A former Charter accountant and tax planner for trusts, partnerships, and corporations, Warren co-founded W2 Entertainment Finance in 2010, a private banking firm specialized in finance, foreign sales and domestic

distribution for independent productions.  In 2015, Warren co-founded Backlot Finance Partners Inc., a private banking firm that brings global government incentive expertise and financing solutions to film and television projects worldwide.

David Michael Wieger, Screenwriter
David Michael Wieger, Screenwriter

David has enjoyed creative collaborations with many leading actors, including Dustin Hoffman and Malcolm McDowell. As a screenwriter, he received a prestigious Sundance writing scholarship and wrote scripts for several studios, including: Hawaii Five-0 (co-written with W. Peter Iliff for Touchstone) Judy and John Carlo, Frequent Flyer, and Faeries (Sony); Headcase (Newline); and Blackbeard & Grace (Turner Films). David’s screenplay for Wild America was produced by Warner Brothers.

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